Commercial Epilator ViVid EX.(Overseas Specification)

ViVid EX.(Overseas Specification)Commercial Epilator

If you hope, we will send you a spec and a quote.
Made in Japan, the advanced technology of our Beauty Flash Depilator is achieved through our collective efforts to create a high-quality product built to exacting specifications.
● It’s amazing how much unwanted body hair can be removed with a shower of light!
Our ViVid EX. Beauty Flash Depilator utilizes the theory of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). With the energy emitted by Xenon lamps, a shower of various wavelengths will gently penetrate the skin.
● Our specially-designed water filter can cut harmful wavelengths.
Our ViVid equipped with a high-tech WCC (Water Cooling Circulation) system which circulates water inside the applicator. The water circulating inside the applicator absorbs the heat emitted during irradiation, significantly reducing the burden to the skin. At the same time, because the light emitted is filtered through the water, it cuts the wavelengths that can lead to burns. It is now possible to have excellent hair removal results with the utmost safety!
● One machine stars in 3 roles: Full-body hair removal, Creating beautiful skin, and Whitening effect.
● Realizing a high-revenue model for operating Hair Removal Salons.
ViVid a machine designed to professional specifications. It can achieve a gross profit margin of over 90%! One major attraction of the hair removal salon business is that the more shots given, the more revenue you receive!
★Thanks to its double water-cooling, operations are stabilized, even with repeated use.
 When the lamp irradiates, it is emittedsimultaneously with the heat. The ViVid EX. specifications allow it to withstand continuous use with the circulation of water in the applicator and machine creating a system of double water cooling. simultaneously with the heat.
★Made in Japan: High quality that you can rely on!
 From design and construction to inspection, the reliability and results of Vivid EX. help keep it in good standing as a Japanese brand. We never compromise on improving our quality, from one nail down to the smallest details!



We are selling the clip made by the safety plastic.
We show main 3points below.
1. The clip does does not use the metal.
2. The clip is safe because it is made by plastic.
3. This clip has an international license.
The Use Example
-the baby goods (clothes, suspender, baggy)
-the outdoor goods (suspender, hat clipping)
-the sports cap for clipping 
We would like you to have an interest on our Plastic Safety Clip and we are happy to discuss for the price.
This Clip manufactured by Korin Co., Ltd. based in Japan.
And we (Right International LLC) support them as a overseas marketing stuff to expand their overseas sales.
ベビーカー用 ハットクリップ3 ハットクリップ2 ハットクリップ ストラップ2 キッズサスペンダー2 サスペンダー大人 スタイ・帽子子供用 ストラップ1

Insect Protection Clothes






メッシュパンツカーキ  メッシュパンツホワイトモデル

メッシュブランケットカーキ メッシュブランケットホワイト

We are selling the Insect Protection Clothes from such as Zika virus and Dengue fever.

We show main 4points below.
1. We have a special processing on fabric so that this Insect Protection Clothes keeps away from the insects to come around.
2. We have experimental studies and it shows our Insect Protection Clothes keep its protection effect if you wash it 70 times.
3. This Insect Protection Clothes processed nanofabrication, it is odorlessscentless, safety and reliable.
4. This Insect Protection Clothes have a characteristic of quick-drying and protection from the UV, it helps many situations not only for the outdoor but also the daily use.
We would like you to have an interest on our Insect Protection Clothes.
We consider the sales price for the market is 5.900JPY for the hooded jacket, 3.900 JPY for the trousers and 2,500 JPY for the branket.

Syunichi Kadowaki ‘The Seasons at Imperial Palace’

Syunichi Kadowaki


His name is ‘Syunichi Kadowaki’. He was be famous for a woodblock print and called one of the Modern Ukiyoe Artist. He was leaving behind many great works.

This is a painting that depicts the panoramic landscape surrounding Japan’s Imperial Palace, the symbolic landmark of Tokyo. It is drawn faithfully to the traditional Japanese painting on a folding screen. The artwork is made up of four parts, measuring a total of 100 meters long. Each part reflects one of the four seasons in Japan elaborately. It depicts the Japanese touch on a magnificent scale, like none in the world. It is the most important work by Shunichi Kadowaki (1913-2006) in his life.

We have an exclusive sales rights of this ‘The Seasons at Imperial Palace’. Should you have and interest on it or need any further information, please contact us.




「木コロ」とは 河原の石コロに二つと同じ形がないのと同じに「木コロ」にも同じ形が有りません。








素材 : 奈良、紀州近辺のヒノキ、スギ、クスノキ等の端材、間伐材










■ 法人向け ・スポーツイベント・自社PRや観光PR


・新装開店祝いなど、大切なお客様への贈り物 名刺スタンドやルーペ機能付ペーパーウェイトやメモクリップ等に社名などを入れ、喜ばれる実用性のあるノベルティグッズで自社アピールを。


■ 個人向け ・ペットメモリアル

大切なペットとの思い出を、ガラス製品の他、美濃焼などの陶器にエッチングして可愛く仕上げます。名入り彫刻やお写真の彫刻、インテリア骨壷など。 ・ブライダル・ウエディング ウェルカムボードや席札、お父様・お母様へのプレゼントなどはオリジナリティの高いエッチングギフトで。

・出産祝い・結婚記念日 ・卒園・卒業・ご就職祝・長寿のお祝い  などです。