Insect Protection Clothes

投稿者: | 2016年2月21日






メッシュパンツカーキ  メッシュパンツホワイトモデル

メッシュブランケットカーキ メッシュブランケットホワイト

We are selling the Insect Protection Clothes from such as Zika virus and Dengue fever.

We show main 4points below.
1. We have a special processing on fabric so that this Insect Protection Clothes keeps away from the insects to come around.
2. We have experimental studies and it shows our Insect Protection Clothes keep its protection effect if you wash it 70 times.
3. This Insect Protection Clothes processed nanofabrication, it is odorlessscentless, safety and reliable.
4. This Insect Protection Clothes have a characteristic of quick-drying and protection from the UV, it helps many situations not only for the outdoor but also the daily use.
We would like you to have an interest on our Insect Protection Clothes.
We consider the sales price for the market is 5.900JPY for the hooded jacket, 3.900 JPY for the trousers and 2,500 JPY for the branket.