Syunichi Kadowaki ‘The Seasons at Imperial Palace’

投稿者: | 2016年2月12日

Syunichi Kadowaki


His name is ‘Syunichi Kadowaki’. He was be famous for a woodblock print and called one of the Modern Ukiyoe Artist. He was leaving behind many great works.

This is a painting that depicts the panoramic landscape surrounding Japan’s Imperial Palace, the symbolic landmark of Tokyo. It is drawn faithfully to the traditional Japanese painting on a folding screen. The artwork is made up of four parts, measuring a total of 100 meters long. Each part reflects one of the four seasons in Japan elaborately. It depicts the Japanese touch on a magnificent scale, like none in the world. It is the most important work by Shunichi Kadowaki (1913-2006) in his life.

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